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In South Africa we have student passing their matric (Grade 12) every year. However, not every student qualifies to study at a university, which causes some of those matriculants to be left out of the Higher Education system.

This leads to students not pursuing their studies. We as Khano Training Institute, are closing that gap by accepting those students, who can then study for full qualification and receive skills development. Our qualifications are fully accredited, and we provide learners with workplace experience before they graduate, increasing their chances of finding sustainable employment. Education is a basic human right that works to raise men and women out of poverty. The support that students receive ensures that they enter the Institution on an equal footing as their counterparts that have had the privilege of matriculating and had access to universities.

Most of our students come from quantile 1 and 2 (rural areas). This investment marks the beginning of a new era for the students. With your support, Khano Training Institute can continue the legacy of building well-rounded students who are destined to be leaders in their chosen fields of study/career.

We provide practical readiness training to prepare students for job interviews, understanding workplace and labour standard policies, and financial literacy. This is can be customized to include other skills the Funder deems essential to preparing students for the workplace. Our work is not only based on theory but practical’s as well. Kindly partner with us to make a change in our future leaders and give them an opportunity to study. Partner with us by giving any kind of donation.

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Skills Development Element (Code 300) of the BEE Codes of Good Practice. It was effective from 1 December 2019; businesses can contribute to skills development for bursaries black students. This target includes all external training expenditure for black employees as well as unemployed black persons.

Bursaries as per the skills development matrix provided in the amended scorecard includes expenditure on institution based theoretical training at accredited training providers registered with the Department of Basic Education or the Department of Higher Education and which will result in the achievement of a degree, diploma or certificate.

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